The ABCD-LMA (Longwood Medical Area) was created in 2014 to serve the interests of IT professionals and other technically-inclined users located in the various Harvard-affiliated institutions of the Longwood Medical Area.  The main ABCD meetings, are held in Cambridge, are often inconvenient for us in the LMA to get to, and it is our hope to develop an active community and foster the exchange of ideas of interest to IT and related folks by sponsoring regular talks of interest to our constituency, as well as holding the occasional social gathering.  The current (co)chairs of ABCD-LMA are David Morgan and Mick Timony.

ABCD is an informal, University-wide association promoting communication and collaboration on technology-related topics across organizational boundaries. All Harvard affiliates are eligible and welcome to join ABCD.

The abcd-lma email archives is located here.

You can find a current list of abcd-lma subscribers here.

There are many other ABCD subgroups.  A calendar of events is here.

A special thank you to the HMS CIO, Rainer Fuchs, for graciously sponsoring lunch for our presentations!

Group History
The ABCD-LMA working group was the idea of Ben Eisenbraun, a member of SBGrid at Harvard Medical School, who wanted to provide a place for LMA technical folks (who often find they don't have the time to make it to the main ABCD meetings over in Cambridge) to meet up, exchange ideas and socialize.  The group was formed in early 2014 with the help of David Morgan (WQCG) acting as co-chair.

In summer of 2014, Ben left for a new position outside of Harvard, so Mick Timony (also a member of SBGrid) graciously volunteered to step in as co-chair with David.  As of this writing we've had three successful talks and hope for many more!

Prior to the formation of ABCD-LMA there was an "ABCD Medical" working group, which had become inactive, but we don't know anything about its history.  If anyone knows and wants to provide some details, we would be happy to add them here.