August 2018: HMS IT Research Computing Overview, or "Why Do Medical Students Need a 10,000-Core Compute Cluster?"

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Amir Karger, Associate Director of Research Computing at HMS, will answer this and other questions on August 16. (Hint: HMS has far more post-docs and grad students than med students.) Amir will talk about HMS Research Computing, the research it supports, and the infrastructure that supports it. In particular, he will describe how migrating 1000 users to the new O2 compute cluster wasn't entirely like herding cats.

Amir started programming in Applesoft BASIC circa 1982, and still thinks Perl isn't dead. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from "a college in the Boston area" and a PhD in Computational Chemistry at Penn. He spent 7 years with FAS Research Computing before joining HMS Research Computing in 2012.